Tools and Resources

Below are some of the articles, books, videos, scientific studies, and other odds and ends that I wish I had access to when I first started swimming and coaching.

Every single resource has either been used by me or tested by a myself or a trusted colleague.

*Note: Most links are affiliate links


Strength Training Without Access To a Gym: Bridge Athletic Blog


The Swim Coaching Bible Volume I: Chapters are written by great minds in our sport. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect such as: the strokes, psychology of training etc.

Legacy: An in depth look into the All Blacks rugby team of New Zealand (the most successful international sports franchise in history)

Becoming a Supple Leopard (Dr. Kelly Starrett): Resource for learning more about mobility, and appropriate lifting techniques


Championship Productions Training Strategies DVD : Then University of Arizona head coach Frank Busch (Now USA national team director) gives his insights into training strategies and how to lay out a season’s plan.  Includes kick and “resistance tower” workouts.

Nathan Adrian Freestyle Technique (Slow Motion): Olympic freestyle sprint champion, Nathan Adrian, demonstrates his world class freestyle arm pull, hand entry and catch position.

Ryan Lochte Backstroke Technique (Slow Motion): Quadruple world record holder, Ryan Lochte, demonstrates the perfect backstroke technique to help you achieve the correct hand, arm and elbow position.

Tyler Clary Butterfly Technique: (Slow Motion): Olympic gold medallist, Tyler Clary, demonstrates his butterfly stroke to help you improve your butterfly catch and pull technique.