Private Swim Instruction

Overhaul Your Skills in 30 Minutes

Maximize your stroke efficiency and learn custom stroke progressions in half the time of one of your “regular” training session

If you need some new ideas on how to improve your technique, or want an expert to review and refine your stroke mechanics, then a private swim lesson is what you are looking for.

Without the commitment of a “Personal Training Plan” a private swim lesson allows you to meet with Coach Chad, ask questions and review your stroke one on one.

Coach Chad has helped develop numerous Arizona state meet qualifyers. He is a lead senior coach at Tucson FORD Aquatics and helps develop the newest members of the FORD senior team. ┬áHe has mentored athletes towards 30 second drops in their average 100 freestyle test sets. (Ex. 12×100 and 1200 for time).

Private Lesson Pricing

ONE half hour lesson: 40 dollars

Multiple lesson pricing available upon request.

To schedule a Private Lesson Contact Coach Chad at: