Learn how to train for your biggest goals with a coaching mentor that will not let you fail.

Stop wasting your precious time searching for the next swim workout or training program.  Get YOUR perfect training program created by a championship winning coach delivered directly to your inbox.  Like a perfectly tailored suit or dress, your training program will be custom crafted for your swimming ability, daily schedule, and swimming/fitness goals.

Your goals are the key to changing your life and they inspire us here at Swim Coach Online everyday. It is our absolute belief that every swimmer deserves to be treated and coached like a world class athlete, no matter their swimming background.  We want to learn what your goals are, why they are your goals, and then give you the knowledge, skills and training program to achieve them. 

Instead of guessing how to get stronger, faster, more efficient in the water, wouldn’t it be nice to have a program delivered directly to you that:Swim Coach Online

  • Details what days to practice
  • Details what sets to do on practice days
  • Details the paces to swim on practice days
  • Details how long your workouts should be
  • Explains when and how to monitor your progress
  • Explains the basic principals of the sport of swimming
  • Explains all drills and why you should do them
  • Helps you set up and follow a nutrition plan

Other companies offer you a “one size fits all” training program.  Every coach worth their stopwatch knows that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution in the sport of swimming.  Swim Coach Online takes the proven cornerstone principles of our sport and helps you implement them at your pace, according to your ability and your goals.

Walk into the practice facility of a world class Division 1 swim program, or a nationally recognized club team and you will see 4 or 5 different coaches guiding their small group of 10-15 athletes through training. These daily training programs are not only customized for the small group (distance, sprint, IM ) but also tailored to the needs of each swimmer.  This level of personalization requires a great deal of expertise, caring and work from the coaches.  The coaches need to understand what the athletes strengths and weaknesses are, what type of personality the athletes have, and the athletes training background. The athletes in return needs to trust the coach so that they can perform the practice the way the coach intended.

This level of mentorship, caring, trust and expertise has only been available to Division 1 athletes, or athletes lucky enough to be in the same city as an excellent coach.  With the advancement of the internet’s reach and speed, world class coaching, once only available to the elite few, is now just a click away.

About Coach Chad Castillo
Castillo Family

Hey everybody! I USA Swimming and ASCA registered swim instructor with 14 years of on deck experience. Before coaching I was a high school All American swimmer and competitive masters athlete.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than knowing I played a role in an athlete’s success.  I love the feeling when one of my swimmers achieves their goal and I love the climb.

I have a B.S. in Biology (focusing on Physiology) and a Masters in Teaching and Teacher Education. I am a high school chemistry teacher (7 years) in sunny Tucson Arizona and the lead senior development coach with the silver medal award winning FORD Aquatics Swim Club.

I am married with 2 kiddos below the age of 5, so I completely understand the struggle of the work, life, training balance. I have helped hundreds of senior level athletes (ages 15 and up) reach their swim goals in as little as 3 months and I want to help you!

You look at your home clock and immediately start to worry.  You are supposed to go swimming in half an hour but you’re not close to ready.  You don’t even have a workout for the day.  You try to summon the willpower to open up your computer and find the website that you normally use, but you remember that you have burned through all of the fun workouts on the website.  You start to think about the labor it would take look up a workout from scratch. That doesn’t sound like fun and now you only have 15 minutes until go time.  You decide to use an old standby set, but remember that you need fins for the best part of the workout.  You spend 5 minutes looking for one fin and 2 minutes looking for the other. 

By the time you leave the house, find parking spot and claim a lane you are already 15 minutes behind schedule.  You triage the kick portion of workout out of necessity.  You promised yourself that you would become a better kicker this season, but that will have to wait until next practice. 

During the main set you find it hard to stay motivated.  You are supposed to give your best effort on some 25’s, but you know the pain that the last few will give you since you have experienced this set before.  You decide to save up your effort so the last few reps are more bearable.

After workout you exit the pool with your usual high.  Part endorphins, part relief that you got a swim in.  However; that high is brought down with the thought that you will most likely go through the same process tomorrow. 

There has to be an easier way but you are a busy person. Full time job, kids and you deserve a little rest and relaxation too right?  You go to bed knowing that you could be getting more out of your training.  You know what real gains look like and you are not getting them as fast as you would like for the time and worry that training is costing you.

Now, imagine laying your head on your pillow the night before a swim training session feeling completely stress free. You know that you have a challenging set waiting in your inbox ready to be printed out. You know that there will be no need to cut parts of practice out.  You have been working on your kick and your test sets have been showing improvement. 

You have began a little pre-workout ritual which you have timed to perfection.  You are able to get a snack, pack water for workout and read an inspiring book to pump you up before leaving.

You know what equipment to use, how to use it and it’s packed and sitting by your door.   

Your body is changing and you have been receiving compliments by friends and strangers alike. You feel more clear headed and energized throughout the day. 

You close your eyes thankful for your current peace of mind.  You are looking forward to your time in the water tomorrow and you are excited about what training holds in the future.

Training can feel as easy and fruitful as the example above.  We believe that you have 4 options going forward.

Do the same old thing.  You will keep getting swims in but probably not at the level you desire or deserve

You can make the personal effort and take the time to research training programs, drills, and equipment

You can buy a one size fits all DVD that may or may not work. 

You can partner with a mentor coach that works with you to achieve your goals.

Once you have made the decision on who will plan your training, you need to decide what to do in the water.  At Swim Coach Online we believe in 4 cornerstones that should be implemented in every training program, no matter the athlete’s ability.

Most coaches would hold out giving you this information thinking that it is their “trade secret”.  Here at Swim Coach Online we would rather give the information to you upfront so that you can make an informed decision.  Furthermore, if this is not the right time in your life for a mentor coach we want to give you the tools be be successful in your training.

The 4 Swimming Cornerstones

The 4 swimming cornerstones that we feel are the most basic in our sport are: Body Position; Propulsion; Breathing and Aerobic/Anaerobic Training.  When these skills are mastered our athletes have an unfair advantage on their competitors.

Body Position:

Your body is both your biggest asset and largest obstacle in the water.  If used correctly every twitch of your body can help you move down the pool/course with minimal effort.  All that you require is the spacial awareness of where your body is in water, and the strength to hold your body in a streamline position. 

Our athletes know what a proper streamlined body position looks and feels like.  Their training involves constant “checkins” with a streamlined body position with the use of floating drills, kicking drills (ex. snork-board) and the use of fins, snorkels and other “gadgets”.

Propulsion (Kick  & Pull)

After establishing a great body position in the water we focus on moving your body in the direction you want to go (usually forward).  This movement is caused by the force you directly apply to the water with your feet/legs, hands/arms and body. 

Every motion you make in the water causes you to move in one direction or another.  Our athletes have a deep understanding of the proper movements of their upper and lower extremities.  We help our athletes hone these skills by putting them through a number of helpful drills. Forwards and backwards sculling; Doggy Paddle drills, the use of paddles and fins also help our athletes feel the water and learn to move through it with power and grace.


Some might feel that this is the most important aspect of swimming. After all, if you can’t breathe then what’s the point of having a personal training plan?  Although we strongly encourage you to breathe throughout all of our training we don’t spend too much time perfecting the timing until you establish a great body-line and get moving through the water efficiently.  All you need to understand throughout your training is to breathe naturally.

If we were to focus on breathing before the other aspects of your stroke were established, it would be like shining the hood of your car before getting the chassis, wheels and motor working together.

Your breath does plays a huge role in multiple facets of your stroke. For example: The ability to hold water on your catch; if your breath timing is off you are most likely “slipping” water in the front of your stroke losing distance per stroke.  Stroke balance; Favoring one side for breathing could lead you to move slightly off of a straight line when you swim.  This is no big deal in the pool, but makes a big difference in open water.  How do you breathe if you need to “spot” a buoy or landmark in open water?  These are a few items that we make sure to cover when we help you with your breathing.

Training (Aerobic/Anaerobic):

Now that you have your stroke established you need to stress your body so that it can adapt and get stronger.  These adaptations are what most people call “getting in shape”.  Your body’s ability to adapt to stress is what you are experiencing when you can swim 500 yards without stopping instead of 100 yards.

The main way that we stress your body is through aerobic and anaerobic training.  Aerobic training is usually lower intensity but longer in duration.  Anaerobic training is more intense but at shorter distances.  There are scientific principles that go with each of the training styles that we won’t get into here.  However; we do explain our methodology fully in our training programs.  it is important that you understand why you have a certain type of workout so that you can get the most gains from the training.

Planning your daily training  is where our personalized program shines.  We understand that the more directed the stress is to the goal you are pursuing, the more quickly and confidently you will get there.  Swim Coach Online has over a decade worth of coaching experience with every level of athlete. We have seen beginners, to junior national swimmers and have studied what works and what does not.  We will have an understanding of every athlete’s background that crosses our path and a desire to help them be the best version of themselves.

Brianna's Story
Brianna was a senior transfer student to the high school where I coached the women’s swim team. She had swam on her previous high school team’s in South America and the experience left her dreading the pool.

Brianna’s coach put the day’s workout on a white board and didn’t pay attention to his athletes. Brianna felt like she was left to figure out everything for herself. She didn’t feel comfortable asking the coach questions because she didn’t feel like she had that kind of relationship with him. Swimming was a soulless exercise that brought her no joy or excitement. She begrudgingly joined my swim team for her final season because she knew that the best way to make friends in a new place was through an activity (be it sports or a club). Swimming was the only sport that she had some experience in, so she signed up.

Looking back I can tell that Brianna was acting the same way she was conditioned to at her old team. She placed herself in the slower lanes, was afraid to ask clarifying questions about sets and drills, and didn’t want to push herself beyond her comfort level.

Watching Brianna I could tell that she had great potential. She had a great “feel” for the water and could swim each of the 4 strokes well. Like most of us, she was a bit lazy on the “small things” in swimming. Streamlines off the wall and underwater fly kicks to name a few.

I recall a set where we were practicing our underwater efficiency by taking a certain number of butterfly kicks off of each turn. Brianna either didn’t hear the set or thought no one was paying attention to her. I stopped Brianna, reminded her of the goal of the set and asked her to try again. She was successful for the first rep. but then reverted back to her old habit. I stopped Brianna again, this time with a bit more urgency and asked why she wasn’t doing the set the way we asked. She said that she could not do the underwater kicks the way that we were asking. She did not want to tell the coaches.

I had a quick conversation with Brianna, letting her know that I did not want to set her up for failure. If she did not feel confident with a skill or set she should let the coaches know.

I adjusted her set to something that she could finish confidently if putting forth good effort.

By the end of the season, Brianna went on to be in one of the better sprint freestylers on the team. She asked to be moved up to the lanes where she was challenged regularly. She communicated well with her teammates and coaches and had an amazing senior season, qualifying for the Arizona high school state meet. Brianna was an integral part of our 2nd place finish that year and a large reason why I was honored as being Southern AZ swim coach of the year.

In a touching moment, Brianna let me know that I allowed her to have fun in swimming again.

You could look up how to implement each of the 4 cornerstones for yourself.  The research would take time, trial and error and you wouldn’t be confident that you are heading down the right path.  God forbid that you would need to “start over” because you weren’t seeing the results you wanted.  You would have to start your research from scratch, rummaging through endless workouts trying to piece a coherent training plan together.  Never mind the month or two you wasted not moving in the direction you wanted.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you trusted do it for you?  Someone that knew what your goals are and planned your training with those  goals in mind?  Someone who doesn’t want to push their agenda that may or may not work, but who is committed to seeing you be successful no matter the method you use to get there. A coach that personalizes every workout, every interaction, every piece of your training towards your goals.

Introducing Swim Coach Online’s Personal Swim Training Program

What you get:

  • Personalized swim plan tailored to your goals, life and ability level
  • One 30 minute Skype call with Coach Chad
  • 2 training plan revisions
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Suggested nutrition plan for training with: food suggestions, and portion size suggestions
  • Suggested dry-land program and strength exercises
  • Deal on ALL swim gear purchased through Championship Pools


  • The ONLY personalized swim coaching site online today
  • Direct access to your mentor coach
  • Never worry about what to do next in your training
  • Save hours of time searching for training plans

No Risk Policy

  • If tailored mentor coaching isn’t for you, let us know within 30 days of your purchase (if no Skype call) and you will be refunded 100%. Keep your training plan for future reference!
  • If you follow our program to the best of your ability and still do not get the results you wanted you can get a full refund! All you have to do throughout your training to receive a full refund is:
  1. Post a picture of you at every one of your workouts via Facebook
  2. Submit your scheduled test sets to Coach C
  3. Use BOTH of your Skype calls with Coach C

How to get your Personal Swim Plan

1.  Purchase your custom training plan. Then send me your completed Personal Swim Plan Questionnaire. This is how I make your plan custom tailored exactly to you. Note: Please don’t send me a completed Questionnaire until you pay for your plan.

2. I’ll write your personal training plan for your approval within 4-5 business days.

3. I’ll send your Personal Swim Plan directly to you and we can schedule a time for our Skype call. If you have questions, let me know! – I’m here for you.

But Coach C the “One size fits all” program works

You know that no one size always works for everyone.  Like a generic store bought pair of pants, they are either too loose in one area or too tight in another.  You may like the style but it is not a perfect for you.  Consider Swim Coach Online your personal tailor.  We will create, measure and alter any training program so that it is one of a kind for its owner, YOU!  If you find that the fit is changing after multiple weeks, or months of training, bring it back to us and we will tailor the program again!  We are committed to giving you the perfect training plan for your goals.

But Coach C, why should I trust some random online coach when I have a great local masters program?

Masters programs are convenient and for a monthly fee offer ok training.  However; they are usually coached by some college student looking to make a few extra bucks.  The coed is definitely not interested with what is going on in the water.  The coaches offer very little feedback on stroke technique and when they do it is seldom personalized.  Take my word for it.  I have worked with a record breaking masters club and the most instruction I have ever heard the coach give is right before the main set.  You deserve to have personalized coaching.

But Coach C, I like doing nothing

True, this option is by far the most convenient. It is also the only option that has a known outcome.  You know what doing nothing feels like.  You know what it looks like and  you know what you will achieve if you do nothing.  You deserve to take a chance on something greater.


320 dollars OR 4 months of 80 dollar payments

Coach C charges 40 dollars per half hour for a private swim lesson.  For 320 dollars you get unlimited email access to Coach C, a personalized training plan, one 30 minute Skype call, and guidance on nutrition and dry-land training.

Get the goals you deserve from a coach you trust all while saving time and ending stress.

The trusted coach/swimmer relationship has traditionally only happened  at the pool.  However; with the speed and convenience of the internet it has never been easier for caring, knowledgeable coaches to help athletes all over the world.  Swim Coach Online is your mentor coach who has your best interest in mind.  We want you to succeed in your aquatic endeavors.  You are a lifetime client to us and we appreciate and respect your commitment to yourself and this sport.

Allow Coach Chad and Swim Coach Online to be your trusted advisor when it comes to your swim training.  We will see you through from your first stroke in the training pool to your last stroke in competition.  If something is not working for you let’s work together to change it.  If you are lost for ideas let’s work together to get new fresh ones and keep swimming fun and exciting for you.

Personal Swim Plan FAQ

Below are some of the questions that I frequently receive about the personal swim plans.

How long is my training plan?

Since all of the training plans are customized for different ability levels and different race lengths, it depends! Most plans that I write are from 10 – 20 weeks.  There is no “surcharge” for writing longer training plans.

It takes the body around 3 months (12 weeks) to completely physiologically adapt to the new training.  After 3 months the body is ready for a new challenge.  I take this into account when customizing your plan.

Some people may be registered for a sprint triathlon 8 weeks away while may be training for an iron man 8 months away.  Training schedules will vary based on event and time frame.

How long does it take to get my plan?

It takes about 5 business days for me to get to your plan, review your Personal Swim Plan Questionnaire, and write your program. Sometimes it’s a few days earlier or later so I appreciate your patience!

Do I need a gym/pool membership?

No . . . and Yes!  I can include strength, core, and dynamic flexibility exercises that require no gym equipment and can be done anywhere – like your living room or a cramped hotel room.

However; access to a pool is a huge advantage.  You must be getting into the water to execute your training plan appropriately.  Only having access to open water for swim training can be dealt with, however, for the best stroke technique results a pool is highly recommended.

If you do have a gym membership, I can include cross-training and strength exercises that you can’t do at home. Just let me know in your Personal Swim Plan Questionnaire.

I’m a total beginner, is this too advanced for me?

No way! Since my plans are personalized specifically to YOUR fitness level, injury history, goals and any other factors that impact you (work schedule, kid schedule, other training demands) your plan will be tailored to your unique needs.

I’ve worked with athletes who have just started swimming and those who swam previously but are looking to get back  into it after a long hiatus. No matter your level, I can make a training program work for you individually.